Our specialty is in liquid bulk transport, shipping and storing a wide range of products, from food-grade consumables and industrial chemicals to HAZMAT and non-hazardous materials.

Our attention to detail is what allows us to provide the mandatory care needed to haul all sensitive materials and makes our company stand out from the rest.

Service and safety are our main priorities in transporting your liquid bulk materials. Our stainless-steel insulated single-barrel tankers are equipped with pumps for loading and unloading as well as 40-feet of food-grade hose and the numerous amounts of fittings required.

Whether the trips are local, regional, long-haul, or even across the Canadian and Mexican borders, we are equipped to keep you and your customers satisfied.


It’s not unusual for our customers to have special needs and require exclusive usage of our equipment.

We are more than willing to dedicate specific trailers and/or trucks to your company.

Does your company specialize in creating or providing products that require difficult to handle materials, requiring specialized transportation or storage equipment?  

If so, you know that you can’t trust just anyone to provide the personnel and tools necessary to see the job through from the first phone call to the last, from pick-up to drop-off, and every mile in-between.

We are ready and financially capable of acquiring any special equipment that you may need if we don’t already have it available at one of our facilities.


If product storage is an issue that you are trying to resolve, let us assist you in creating or locating the solution to your individual challenges.

Often times there are plants producing material at a small facility and need the capacity to start a new batch of product.

If the receiving customer isn’t ready for said product, that’s where Wonder Transport Company is prepared to step up for you in order to load the product, store it at one of our terminals until it is ready to be received, and ship it out immediately upon notification.

We will notify you every step of the way, allowing you the peace of mind in knowing that your inventory is good hands along every mile of the journey from each facility to your desired location.

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